Rejuvenate your

Physical, Mental
and Emotional Health

Foot Zone Renewal triggers your body to heal itself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Benefits of Foot Zone Renewal

Your Foot Renewal Session

What is it like?

Foot Zone Renewal uses triggers on the foot to rejuvenate major body systems. This process is done by applying pressure to specific points on the feet. This technique helps balance the body emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.

When you come I will wipe your feet with a natural cleansing wipe then begin your zone renewal. I create a relaxing atmosphere by playing calming music and nature sounds. I will finish by applying essential oils on your feet.

Your Foot Zone Renewal Specialist

Amber Anderson

Amber Anderson is a certified Sure Foot Renewist trained through SureFooted Renewal, and is a member in good standing of the Utah Foot Zone Association. When she isn’t providing healing relief through foot zoning, Amber enjoys travel and photography. Amber lives with her husband, three kids, and dog in Farmington, Utah.

What People Say

  • I truly enjoyed my foot zoning experience. Amber was professional and easy to be around. Her first concern was my comfort, making the appointment very relaxing. She was knowledgeable and explained the process and my problem areas in an easy to understand way. I was surprised to feel something in my foot and recognize the issue in my body and psyche. After the appointment I felt refreshed and renewed. It was a great experience. I plan on becoming a regular, and would recommend it to anyone who feels like their wellness could use a check up.


  • Amber has a great knowledge and skill in foot zoning. My zoning experience was relaxing and peaceful and helped me feel that way for days after.


  • After suffering from both back and knee pain for a couple of weeks, I tried to my first session of foot zoning with Amber. I immediately felt relief huge relief for both my back and knee pain. She told me that I would need a couple of follow-up appointments because the pain would come back. Right on schedule the pain came back as she predicted. However, after the second visit, I haven't had any pain for almost a month. This was total relief and there is not doubt I will go back again if needed.


  • Amber is amazing and talented! My wife and I have scheduled multiple sessions and each time Amber is spot on in terms of identifying issues our bodies are experiencing without being told in advance, all through the foot zoning experience. The sessions are super relaxing and enjoyable but the real value is the rejuvenation and energy boost for days after … highly recommend!


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost?

    The Zone Renewal is $50 for a 60 min session.
    Bulk sessions can be pre-purchased at a discounted rate.

  • Will you just work on the areas that I am having trouble with?

    It is important to balance the entire body. That way the systems in your body will start working together to balance even unknown stresses it is having.

  • What is the difference between foot zone renewal and reflexology?

    Foot zone renewal balances all your body systems with each session. This way your body can balance even unknown stress it is having. Reflexology targets only your problem areas.

  • Will this cure me from my sicknesses?

    Everyone has a different life plan and a cure cannot be promised to anyone. While there is no guarantee that having a zone renewal will cure you, over time you may see improvement or even symptom relief.

  • If I start having my feet zoned will I be able to stop taking my prescriptions?

    You should always talk with your doctor about any changes you want to make regarding your health. We never recommend going off prescriptions or any treatments unless instructed by your doctor.

  • How many foot zone sessions will I need?

    Every person is different and each unique in what might be off balance. We recommend trying three sessions to see if you like the results. Some people will feel results right away and others will take some time. You are always in charge of how often and how frequent your sessions are.

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